Beige is a minimal apartment designed for rent. Space had to meet the taste requirements of the residential real estate market in Ukraine, and be universal and relevant in the context of time and location.


VAO is a modern apartment for a young couple expecting a child. There are always blooming flowers and handmade pottery as the best representing of brisk and loving life inside the home.


Red is an apartment with a modern interior, where on 45m2 Koot bureau managed to place a spacious bedroom, kitchen-dining room, corridor with wardrobe room and bathroom.

Forest House

The main idea behind creating the Forest house is to integrate an owner completely into the wild. Human-nature confrontation in this case can be a part of a therapy or remedy from the uncalm rush.


DSM is an interior design project for a private client, a family with a child. The concept is based on combining wooden surfaces, gray tiles in different shades and formats, delicate black details, and gray-beige fabrics.